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Cancellation Process
Customers who want to cancel any order product they need to click or send request through app or site for cancellation order. Cancellation charges may be applicable as per the product kindly read the terms while purchasing any product. If the Product or services is provided through any other 3rd party company if the company allows refunding full or deducting any cancellation charges will be made. If you want to cancel services or orders must do so through the cancellation process offered by Paveopay. If company has paid taxes on the services or product which you have placed, taxes will be deducted

Money Back Guarantee
Customers or retailers or user can get money back guarantee. If they wish to terminate our services within 7 days they will get full refund to their respective bank details and further they will be terminated from our user’s. User has to submit proper passbook or cancel cheque photo for refund process. The user cannot transfer its Retailer / Dealership to any other person or customer it will be Terminated permanently.

Return policy
Customers or user if you do not like any product or if any damage you may return the product within 30 Days from purchase. User cannot take refund amount in any other person’s account. Return policy for recharge, Bills, DTH, or any other utility payment is not given. While doing transaction kindly ensure the details given by you, if any wrongly entered Paveopay will not be responsible for it.

Customer Complains
Customer has complete right to raise complaint against product or services which they have received. Therefore a customer complain section is provided in the app and site also. After complaining customer will gets response within 5 working days.
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